Overstanding with A 1up Vision: The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation                   by Saye Menlekeh Taryor


Saye Taryor’s book will be coming off the press during the first week in March 2015; a few days from now. Already, Amazon.com has agreed to promote and market the book.  Other venders and book sellers like Baker and Taylor, Barnes and Nobles, etc, will soon follow suit.  The book is published in two editions.  There is the paperback edition and the electronic Kindle edition.  For the description of the book and other information, please click here.

Official site where you can buy the book

This is a very fine book for high school and college students. It is also good for mothers and fathers who are willing to teach their children some positive values and help them to keep out of trouble. It is also intended for people who are committed to popular culture and those who either know very little about the liberation movement or are very much interested in the black people’s struggle from “pillar to pole.” The book deals with Black history, organizations for black liberation movements throughout history and the role those organizations have played in bringing us to where we are now historically.  Mr. Saye Taryor’s premise is that critical thinking is the most essential ingredient needed to bring about liberation, freedom, justice, equality, and fairness.  To develop critical thinking skills, one must be ready to undergo a catalog of things. Understanding is not only necessary, but Overstanding is paramount. “Understanding does the job, but overstanding wrote the business plan.”  “Understanding can drive the car, but Overstanding builds it, (or replaces it with something better)”.  If you understand something, you can operate it, but if you overstand something, you can build it or replace it with something better.

In other words, Saye is asking his readers to not only understand the complexities of our societies, but to also be able to overstand the issues of justice, freedom, liberation, equality, fairness, love and kindness.  This is a very fine book.

You can get the Electronic version of the book at Amazon.com, or you can purchase the paperback version from the author himself here.  Purchase Paperback Version Here.

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