An opportunity to be published
In the Division of The New KP Liberian Writers Series, Kiiton Press has just proposed a new book initiative. The effort is to edit one or two volumes dealing with various and important topics on Liberia.  The book will be edited by the publishing company and all financial responsibilities will be underwritten by the company to publish this book.  We are looking for individuals to write articles on various topics relating to Liberian Educational, Social, Political, Religious, Agricultural, Economic, Historical, Legal, Cultural, Medical/Health, Geographical (Geography) and other topics that are relevant and can be used as a source of study on Liberia.
Some of you may be interested in writing about Gender issues in the Liberian culture. Some may be interested in writing about The Farming System in a particular Liberian community; while those of you in the legal profession may be interested in writing about the Theory and Practice of Labor Law in Liberia. If you are a nurse or a medical doctor, you may want to write about a particular health related area you feel comfortable about.  Those of you who love to study cultural anthropology, may want to write about Witchcraft, Magic and Sorcery in Liberian Society.   Whatever you see as your specialty or field of expertise that you wish to write about, we will welcome it. These are just a few suggestions to be considered among many.
Will your article be published?  All articles sent to us will not necessarily be published.  We have an editorial committee that will decide which articles will constitute a chapter. Those articles that we cannot use for this volume or for this particular book, may be edited for our future publications or may be returned to their authors if we are not able to use them. If your article is accepted, you will be informed immediately.
Why are we publishing this book?  We want to encourage the Liberia school system to adapt the book for general studies. If not, we will try to encourage as many libraries as possible to acquire copies through their acquisition departments. We also want to give Liberians the opportunity to write about some of the major topics dealing with Liberia that most people want to know about. Especially those who have not written or published much; this is your opportunity to make a name for yourself and to contribute to our school system.
How will you know if your article is accepted or rejected, and what’s in it for you?  Every author whose article will be accepted and used as a chapter of this book, will receive 5 complimentary copies of the book that you can share with your family and friends.  Other benefits include the opportunity to have your work professionally published in a book as a chapter. That will be one more feather in your hat and on your resumé. This is how some writers begin their writing career or profession.  To have written a chapter in a book is a major accomplishment or achievement for most people. Not everyone is writing a chapter in a book every day around here. This is a major attainment.
 What is the Deadline and what documentary style do we want? April 30, 2015 is our deadline.  The work must be researched and documented properly. You can use the Chicago style or the APA style.  The length of your article will depend on how much or how many pages you need to cover to present a full coverage of the issues you are dealing with. The article should not be a book length.
For whom or to whom is this call to write chapters in this book on Liberia? Our appeal is to ALL LIBERIANS, whether you have or do not have an academic degree, you are invited to try your hands.  We especially want to encourage those with expertise in the particular areas they are writing about. We need your opinions, but we also need facts and documentation that can back up your opinions. We invite men and women to write.  We invite students, teachers, instructors, professors, lay people, nurses, medical doctors, and other professionals to contribute.
When will the book come off the press?  Hopefully, if all goes well and we receive enough articles, the book should come off the press by the end of August, 2015.  The final copy of the book will look like one of these books:
Click here:  Kiiton Market Place.  Please send your best and most recent head picture with your article.
Where and how should you send your articles?
Send your article to this email address
Kiiton Press
c/o Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.
Please send it in Word document, do not send a pdf file.
Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.
CEO, Founder,  President and Publisher
Kiiton Press