Where are our intellectuals from whom we expect to see books written by them for our Liberian school system?

Where are the critics who have long complained that the Liberian school system has nothing but out dated books?

Where are the critics who kept telling us that books used in the Liberian school system are irrelevant for the Liberia culture?

Where are our graduate and post graduate scholars who have expressed concerns for the lack of books for Liberian schools?

Where are our Liberian scholars who are acquiring their graduate and post graduate degrees in Education, Curriculum Design, School Administration, and a host of other education topics?

Where are our lawyers, when last were some of our law books up dated, [Labor Law, Criminal Code, Constitutional Law, ] etc.

Where are our writers, where are our folklorists, where are our economists, where are our sociologists, where are our historians, our politicians and those majoring in natural sciences?  Where are our elementary school teachers, where are our high school teachers, and where are our college professors? Are they writing? Where are the nurses and doctors who understand our healthcare problems and are able to address those critical health and hygiene issues in books for our people to read?  The Ebola epidemic we just went through, who is going to write on this epidemic? I am not talking about criticizing Ellen for what you think she did not do or or what she did wrong; I am talking about the root causes of the epidemic and how do we, as a nation, prepare for it if it were to descend upon us again.  What preventive measures do we need to take against ebola and other kinds of epidemics, malaria and other health problems?

We have the glorious opportunity now to write books for our children but we hear no voices, we see no manuscripts.  We Liberians need to go beyond criticisms and castigating of other people and institutions and do some constructive writing that provide teachable moment for people to learn from your suggestions and recommendations for improvement. Our people are hungry for information to meet their literary needs. Criticism has its place, but what we need now is knowledge, education and recommendations and suggestion for improvement.

Kiiton Press is here to fill the void and the lack of book publishers qualified to publish books for our people.  Now we have a publishing house, the community has gone silent when it comes to writing for our schools.  The only popular discussion most people see is “Who is corrupt and who is not corrupt in Liberia.” Interesting–we are a peculiar people.

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Buy a book and see for yourself the quality of work we do.  Kiiton press is not a “Tribal Institution,” nor a “Regional Company.” We publish and promote all the books we publish regardless of which ethnic group you come from or which session in Liberia belong to. Our loyalty is to Liberian education, not to a tribal education of any given ethnic group. We are here to help all Liberians and other people outside of Liberia.  See some of the people for whom we have published:  Some authors from Kiiton Press.

Nya Kwiawon Taryor