THERE ARE NOT MANY BOOKS LIKE THIS ONE. Among the 16 languages spoken in Liberia, the Mah language is one of them.  It is spoken by the people of North Central Liberia in the region called, Nimba County and also by a segment of the population of the Republic of Guinea.  The author gives the readers some basic tools needed to read and understand the Mah language.  You will learn the unique Mah Alphabets and their phonetic constructions.  Simple grammar and words for vocabulary building can be found on every page.  There are sentence constructions to help you learn to speak, write and have basic conversation.  There are color photographs and illustrations to help the reader associate concepts with live images.  This is a very unique and excellent book you will enjoy.

Teach your children, wife or husband the Mah language. “KNOW YOURSELF”

The resource is available for teaching and learning the Mah language. This book makes learning easy, fun and enjoyable. In two weeks, if you do not learn to speak the language, return the book for a refund.

To All Mah speaking people from Nimba County. There is no way I can express the importance of this appeal to make you understand how important this is. You will agree with me that most of our children do not speak our language and do not even understand our Mah language. Most often we regret that we have not had the time and the resource to teach our children how to speak our language. There is no more excuse for this if you really want your child to learn the language.

I have made it very easy for our children to learn to speak the Mah language. The book, Mãhwè Mìndàn Kìì will help solve the problem. If you are really interested in having your child learn the Mah language, you will make a one time life commitment and SACRIFICE of only $30.00, no more, and your son or daughter will, within a week or two weeks, be speaking the Mah language with you gradually as he or she improves his or her vocabulary.

I know we are all busy people. But we cannot continue to neglect this very important issue when it comes to investing in our children’s education about our language and our cuture. The book is so interesting that you will not even spend much time with your child, teaching him or her how to read the Mah words. Because it is a phonetically based script, your child will soon be reading the words and pronouncing the Mah words correctly without too much help from you. Any third grade student can pronounce the names of most of the things, foods, animals, and words in the book.

Let me throw in one more secret why it will be so easy for your child to learn the Mah language. Our words are monosyllabic words. Meaning, most of our words are just one syllable words. For example, consider our names, Saye, Nya, Paye, Wuo, Zawolo, Fong, Kau, Yah, Yei, Nohn, Koo, Finnia.
house = ka
clothes = sɔ
woman = lé
rice = ɓu
water = yíí
pot = gbɔ
sickness = yá
animal = wi
With just one syllable for most of our words, the child will learn easily. Words in English such as: yesterday, tomorrow, last-year, market, and many more with 2, 3 or 4 syllables in English, in the Mah language, it is just one syllable for each of those words.

We spend a lot of money on frivilous things we do not need. Investing in your own child’s education or grandchild’s education to learn your language will be one of those things you will thank yourself for in a long time to come. It only takes $30.00 to have you and your child speaking the Mah language. While some of our children are still young and interested in speaking our language, please introduce them to the language. Even if you yourself do not know how to read the language, I guarantee you, once you get a copy of the book and you know how to speak the language and you also know how to read English, you will in no time be reading both the Mah words and the English words together because the illustrations, live pictures and images will be right there in the book and you will help your child to give him or her the right pronunciation.

Please make this one investment for your child. He or she will thank you for life. It is very important for our children to know our language because by knowing our language, they will begin to understand the world we lived in and the world we grew up in. Windows of opportunities will be opened for them to figure out why we think as we do and why we do things as we do. They will begin to appreciate you more and may love to go back with you some day to see the culture from which you come. Imagine all through out this year, how much money you will earn on your job. I am sure it may be more than $6,000.00 (six thousand dollars). Some of you will earn over twenty thousand dollars or even over $30 thousand dollars or more this year. Calculate $30.00 out of $6,000 dollars or $30.00 out of $40 thousand dollars will not make you poor, especially if you are using the $30.00 to invest in your child to be able to speak your Mah language. If you are afraid not to make me rich, never mind, $30.00 will not make me rich either. This is not about me, this is about you and your child and it is also about us, as a people, keeping our culture, tradition and language alive. This is about educating our children to learn our values and to learn the beauty of our culture, tradition and language. This has nothing to do with me. You are not helping me, you are helping your child to acquire your culture and language. I would have done the same for other language groups but I do not speak or write any other Liberian language except the Mah language. So Mah people, consider yourself blessed because you have one amongst you who can provide this kind of linguistic learning and teaching opportunity. Make use of this opportunity and do not blow it away.

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