Searching For Manuscripts

Kiiton Press is looking for some good manuscripts to publish on African/African American History and Life. We want manuscripts dealing with the social, political, economic, religious and cultural conditions of the peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa—especially on Liberia.   We welcome first time authors as well as those who have previously published. The acceptance of your work does not depend upon whether or not you have published before.


What Kinds of Manuscripts Do We Need?

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Scholarly books, Cookbooks, Family History/Family Tree, Church History, City History, Organization History, Book of Poems, Corporate History, Training Manual, Children’s Book and Paperback Text Books, Master’s Thesis and Dissertations. Send us Biography, Autobiography, Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Children’s Literature, Women Studies, Unpublished Dissertations, Masters’ Thesis and Memoirs.  We are looking for literature on human interest—War, Love and Peace—Academic as well as Non-academic.

No limitations to the number of pages.  Any manuscript from 50 pages up is considered a book by the Library of Congress.  Children’s books can be more or less than 50 pages. The work you are submitting to us must be received on computer disk or CD on a USB memory stick. We guarantee quality and professionalism.

We also help promote and sell your book

Sam Jones

Online Articles (Online Promotion)  Published Books & Authors

We will help you to promote and sell your book to libraries, (public & private), bookstores, (schools & university bookstores), jobbers, wholesalers, and book dealers. Your book is listed in Books In Print, and other book information sources.  A review of your book is placed in the appropriate magazines, journals, and newspapers.  We can even help arrange a book signing party in your local community library or church and school.

  • Social Media Setup (Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / WordPress Blog / Google+)
  • Social Media Management
  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Ghost Writing
  • Interviews and Online Articles

Manuscript submission form

Please click the link above and fill out all the blanks in the manuscript application, and we will call you and discuss the possibilities of publishing your manuscript into a book. To submit any manuscript to us, please remember that we accept manuscript only in four formats.

  • USB Memory stick
  • CD,
  • flash drive
  • PDF file

If you send us a PDF folder, we will read what you have.  If and when we accept your manuscript for publication, you will then send another version to us in MicroSoft Word, on a CD or USB Memory stick for formatting and page setting.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE Before you click on the Submit bottom, Please make sure you send us an email telling us that you have sent or you are sending your Manuscript Submission Application Form to us; otherwise, your form may end up in the spam junk file. Please remember to tell us the date you submitted your form to us.  You can also call us at 401-545-9073 or 404-923-0255.  Here is our email address: or


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