We Are Looking For Writers

My Suggestion and Recommendation to our upcoming Scholars and Graduates.

Book Fair

My Suggestion and Recommendation to Liberian students that are working on their Ed.D (Doctor of Education) and Ph.D (in Education) to begin to think about their dissertation topics that can be revised later into a textbook to be used in the field of education in Liberia.  Those of you in the humanities or any areas in the liberal arts, may want to write your dissertation or professional projects in areas that can be revised into a book. Those in Economics and Mathematics are also encouraged to do the same. We are looking for writers to write for:

  • Elementary Schools,
  • Junior High Schools,
  • Senior High Schools,
  • Colleges and universities

I think this advice is also relevant for those who are doing their Master’s degrees in education, Home Economics, or Agriculture and farming, or in any field.  Think of your thesis as a manuscript for a book to be used in the Liberian School System.  Work at your Master’s thesis and focus on it and convince yourself that you are working on a book. Believe that you are writing a book for the Liberian school System.  In that way, after graduation, you just have to revise it a little and prepare it for publication.

The challenges and opportunities are ours and the time is now.

Those of you in the Medical fields, nursing or MD (Medical Doctor) you may not have to write dissertations, what may be required of you is your residency requirement.  Nevertheless, keep in mind our health problems in Liberia and try to study our medical and health isssues and when you have time, document your studies so that it can be converted into a book that our students will use. Some of you are interested in pediatric nursing, to take care of infants and children. Medical  schools can use your book.  Nursing schools can use your book, and those who are studying health and hygiene can use your book.

We need people to study malaria, ebola, and other tropical infectious diseases.

Every sector of our society needs books to discuss the problems and solutions.  Those of you serving as principals, teachers, professors and presidents of our many colleges and universities in Liberia need to write at least one book in your lifetime to leave as a literary legacy behind you. All I hear is that people in America are collecting books to send to Liberia, but I do not hear that most of our well educated people in Liberia are now writing books they can teach in the schools and colleges.  Have we not used books by foreign writers long enough? We did that when most of our people were not highly educated as they are now and when we had very few people with academic degrees.  But now with all the BA’s, B.Sc’s, M.A’s, M. Sc’s, Ed. D’s R.N,s and Ph.D’s, do we still need to depend of foreigners to come and write our history books on Liberia, to write the Geography of Liberia,  and write the folklore’s, and spider stories for us?


One of our problems was, the big publishing houses were not and are still not willing to publish books for a lot of our writers.  There are no book publishing houses in Liberia and only Newspapers are published in Liberia.  Well, I have good news for you.  There are now a few Liberians who have their own book publishing companies and do excellent work as good as the big publishing houses.  There should be no more excuses for our negligence and lack of vision for writing our own books about Liberia for Liberians. We need more literary productivity from our intellectuals and educated population–especially our degree holders.

Click here:  We can publish your book

How to send in your manuscript?  Click here:  Submission of your manuscript.

If you want to know the quality of work we do, please get yourself a copy of one of these books in our bookstore:  Bookstore #1 and compare our book with any paperback books.  Our binding is even better than Hardcover binding.  Bookstore #2.

One of our publications is in the White House on President Obama’s desk or on his book shelve.  The book was written by a Liberian writer and published by a Liberian Publishing House, Kiiton Press.  Here is the book.  President Barack Obama:  Change of Mentality (2014)

Nya Kwiawon Taryor


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